Sundays WIP: In Studio or ON ZOOM

Carla playingAt the heart of Piano Works In Progress is Sundays WIP, a repertoire class where pianists come together to share the music they are working on. Classes are held  IN-STUDIO (West Village) or virtually ON ZOOM. The Sunday class is not a recital, and it is not a piano lesson. It is a space where each player takes a turn to share a piece and say a few words about the working-out process. One does not need to play a complete piece; partial movements or smaller sections of a work are just as welcome. Listeners are invited to comment on aspects of the composition, to further illuminate understanding for the whole group. Comments are constructive and encouraging. The response that comes back to the player completes  the cycle of making music.

There are approximately six pianists in a class, and each one plays, demonstrating some aspect of their work on a piece. There are no outside listeners, although occasionally a new member will join the class as an observer, as an introduction. The pianists enjoy wine and plenty of good conversation and leave with new understanding and validation for the work they have done.



    • IN-STUDIO*: September 26, November 21, January 30, March 20, May 15, June 12
    • ON ZOOM: October 24, December 19, January 30, February 27, May 15, June 12

*Proof of vaccination is required for IN-STUDIO classes. All who are in attendance will remain masked with the option to remove mask only when seated at the piano to play.


  1. Register here for a class on Eventbrite
  2. Consult the Repertoire List to view the class list and the repertoire to be shared
  3. Email your piece to, and I’ll add it to this list

The suggested donation to join a class is $35, but please donate an amount that is reasonable for you budget.

325 West 11th St. #5R
(between Greenwich St. and Washington St,)
New York, NY  10014
(917) 340-9788

Piano Works In Progress is a non-profit 501(c)(3). Donations of any amount over $30 are fully tax deductible. We are grateful to the many individual donors who support Piano Works In Progress and make this program possible.