Plan Your Repertoire

Can you guess the mystery pianist?

September 14-19, 2022
Online Application – deadline August 1

What will be the focus of your work at PWIP VT? Are you looking to break new ground on your current piece? Do you want to address a particular musical issue? Are you looking for an easier way to execute a passage? Are you exploring the idea of memorizing you piece? Would you like to take a previously studied piece to the next level?

Intention and Purpose

Chopin emanating from the Steinway D

The first thing is to decide whether you will study solo repertoire exclusively or works for four- or more-hands exclusively, or whether you will divide your time between the two. As you fill out the application, please indicate the focus of your work during your residency, whether solo, four- or more-hands, or both. If you plan to work on solo repertoire exclusively, you may choose to balance a review piece with a newer piece. If you want to include works of four- or more-hands, please suggest the repertoire you are interested in playing. If you are looking for repertoire suggestions and want to be teamed up with partners, we will put together a group for you and offer a choice of pieces. Pre-formed piano teams are most welcome.

Three Recommended Paths for Study

The joy of playing a Beethoven Sonata

I. Solo Repertoire

1. One piece previously studied, to rework or polish, to gain new insight and to communicate ideas through performance.
2. One newer piece, to lay a foundation for secure fingering, explore aspects of style, identify musical issues and formulate practice techniques.
3. As an additional option, to customize a keyboard skills program, including etudes, that will lay the foundation for more ease and fluency in playing.

II. Four- or More-hands Repertoire

Gliere played with twenty fingers on two pianos

1. Rehearse up to three pieces for Four- or More-hands.
2. Request a piece and a partner or suggest a piece and a partner.
3. Works for two pianos are heartily encouraged.

III. A Combination of Solo and Four- or More-Hands Repertoire

The majesty of Bach/Kurtag

1. One solo piece previously studied, to expand playing and deepen understanding of the work.
2. One or two pieces for four-or more-hands to develop collaborative skills.

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