August 30-September 4, 2023
Application deadline April 1

Vermont For Amateurs is piano camp for adults. It’s four immersive days of lessons, rehearsals, coaching, repertoire class and as much practicing as you want. Pianists learn how to play with others and practice performing for others. On the last day, each participant plays what they have worked on at the Informal Recital, open to family and friends by invitation.

Pianists have the opportunity to work with multiple teachers each day. The program balances the study of solo repertoire with collaboration on a piece for four (or more) hands, so you might have lessons with one teacher, ensemble coaching with another and repertoire class with a different teacher. Repertoire class, called Works In Progress, happens daily in small groups, so pianists have ample opportunity to practice performing for others.

The performance space houses a Steinway D and a Baldwin Concert Grand, giving participants the experience of playing concert pianos during practice, repertoire class and the Informal Recital. Also held in the performance space are the faculty recital and a presentation by a guest artist.

Early afternoons are kept free for rest and recreation. Take a walk, have a swim, visit the Adamant Coop, borrow a book from the music library, take a trip into town, visit a local point of interest or do whatever it is that inspires you. Nature is right outside your piano studio door.