Immersive Programs for the Adult Pianist


August 28-September 5, 2022

How to Get There

The address of Adamant Music School is:  
1241 Haggett Rd. Adamant, VT 05640

There are several ways to get to Adamant, Vermont:

  1. Drive a car – the drive from New York City to Adamant, VT is approximately 315 miles. Allow 6 hours to drive, which includes a 1/2 hour stop. There are no tolls on these scenic roads, once you leave NYC.
  2. Take the train – take Amtrak to Montpelier, the capital city of Vermont, and someone will come to pick you up at the station. The ticket costs approximately $70 (one way), and the ride from New York City to Montpelier is approximately 8 hours. The drive from the train station to Adamant is 15 minutes (7.5 miles).
  3. Take a plane – the flight to Burlington, VT is one hour and costs approximately $200 (round trip). Rent a car at the airport, or take a taxi,  and drive 45 miles to Adamant, VT.

What to Bring

For music study, please bring the usual – musical scores, a notebook, pencils and a metronome. Concert wear for recitals is a matter of individual preference – anything from dressy casual to something more formal.

You will need to bring toiletries and any other personal items. Sheets, towels and blankets will be provided. There is a clothes washer/dryer in the building that is available for use.

The weather can sometimes be unpredictable in Vermont this time of year, so pack some cool weather gear (warm socks, a sweater/sweatshirt and a rain jacket), as well as clothes for warm weather. Please bring comfortable walking shoes, and you may want to try out the swimming pond, so bring your bathing suit!

You are welcome to make yourself at home in the dining room of Barney Hall. There are two refrigerators to store any food items you personally want on hand. Please know we will have a supply of coffee and wine, but if you wish, feel free to bring any beverages that you would particularly enjoy. There is wifi in Barney.